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Self-check with high-accuracy,
low-cost antigen test.


Results in
15 to 20 minutes

Complete with both
Saliva and Nasal kits

CE mark

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bulk purchases available

Information on affiliated medical institutions where PCR tests are available at no charge

At our affiliated "Interpark Kuramochi Respiratory Medicine Alliance Chibikko no Kagaku to Asobi Co., Ltd.", PCR tests are available at a cost of 5,500 yen (including tax) in person or 7,700 yen (including tax) by mail.

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Comments on the importance
of antigen testing

The basic countermeasure against new coronavirus infections are to confirm whether it is infected and to isolate the infected person.

Although the PCR method is reliable, it is expensive and difficult to use repeatedly, and it takes time to determine whether a person is infected or not.This is where the antigen test comes in handy.This method is inexpensive, can be performed anywhere, and takes a short time to determine, so it can be used in a variety of setting where people gather.

Since vaccination cannot completely prevent infection and not everyone is vaccinated, I hope that antigen testing can be used to create a society where people can interact with each other with peace of mind.

Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (specializing in public health)
Takeo Fujiwara profile

What is the test for?

Why ?? Infection check ??

  • Routine testing is the key to protecting yourself and others.

  • Before meeting someone, before a business trip, before attending an event.

  • For those who use public transportation for commuting.

  • Take off your masks. For a comfortable dining out experience for everyone.

Nasal cavity test    Saliva test

Nasal cavity test
Saliva test

Time required: 15 to 20 minutes

Time required:
15 to 20 minutes

Performed anywhere


CE mark certification

CE mark

We can meet more safety.

This product is a highly accurate kit, but in Japan, it is treated as a research reagent for use by a wider range of people. The kit is not intended to be used to confirm the diagnosis of new coronaviruses. It is intended to be used as a reference for people who have symptoms suggestive of infection with new coronaviruses and are feeling anxious. Be sure to consult a medical institution.

Testing Method