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About the Anywhere philosophy


It has been more than a year and a half since we were in a situation that we could not even imagine.

It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing a reality that can only be described as a great challenge to humanity, considering how many people have been living with negative feelings such as suffering, sorrow, and endurance. When we are in such a difficult situation, we sometimes shift the blame to something else, or blame ourselves, which leads to a negative chain of actions. In addition, there is information that induces this negative chain of events, and there is also a movement to exploit it, which exposes the negative side of human beings.

As a starting point for , we have realized the provision of inexpensive antigen test kits. PCR tests are often expensive,and even in inexpensive cases, unless the PCR test is conducted at a medical institution, a definitive diagnosis cannot be made,and the patient must undergo another PCR test at a medical institution. which costs more time and money.In the meantime, the person’s range of activities will remain unchanged, and he or she will have to live in a situation of anxiety.On the other hand, the antigen test has a quick result, and as a self-check that can be done anywhere, one sign can be obtained, and it becomes clear whether or not a subsequent test is necessary at a medical institution, and prompt measures can be taken.It is not an exaggeration to say that If the antigen test is expensive, it will not be available to all people, and the test itself will become a special thing, spreading the infection without their knowledge.To that end, we will provide the antigen test with the sole purpose of increasing the number of times everyone can be tested and increasing the opportunities of self-checking everywhere.

We at believe in the power of human beings, no matter what happens, and we will continue to do our best to provide good quality products at prices that reflect this belief, so that we can provide backup fire to bring out the power of human beings.In addition, we will spare no effort in our efforts to serve you with all our might so that we can contribute to the creation of a world where no matter what happens, we will not lose and no one will be left behind.

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